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Dtac 3G Thailand

Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (DTAC) is the second largest GSM mobile phone provider in Thailand.  As of 31 December 2009, dtac had 19.7 million subscribers with the market share of subscriber at around 30%.

Dtac has won the Best Mobile Operator of Thailand award for three consecutive years (2005–2007) from Asian MobileNews Awards 2007, organized by Asian MobileNews Magazine.

DTAC claims to have the second widest coverage nationwide, compared to its main rival AIS, with 8,300 base stations intstalled as of 2008 on the 800 Mhz and 1800 Mhz bands. As of 2010 DTAC is offering both GPRS and EDGE services on its postpaid and prepaid brands DTAC Happy.  Unlimited internet access stands at a price of 999 Baht per month or 49 Baht per day (numerous cheaper hourly packages are available, and, in 2010, traffic-based ones were also introduced, obviously due to the increasing popularity of smartphones). DTAC has international roaming agreements with 147 countries.

dtac's data coverage
dtac offers High-speed connections with EDGE and GPRS technology nationwide.

What is EDGE and GPRS?
EDGE and GPRS are data technologies on the top of the GSM mobile standard. GPRS has speed of up to 40 kbit/s, while EDGE has speed of up to 200 kbit/s. dtac’s EDGE network is purposely built to give our customers a steady speed, rather than large variable ups and downs. As such our customers should expect an average speed on EDGE of 120 kbps. This speed might vary according to peak traffic hours.

dtac 3G 
The Thai authorities have yet to issue licenses for 3G services. (Also called UMTS or HSDPA.)